Pawz for the Day

Run with the Pack!

It is all about the enrichment of your dog! 

At Pawz for the day we get to know you and your dog so we can provide the best possible pack experience

Reservations are appreciated ahead of time




At Pawz for the day, we provide so much more that just a safe place for your dog to spend the day and have fun.  Our facility is smaller in size, so our staff can carefully evaluate and work with each dog.

The extra attention we provide can help to develop and/or improve your dog's socialization and communication skills for a more balanced dog! It also means your dog gets to spend more time having fun with the pack leaders.

Safe Environment

Our facilities and staff provide a safe and controlled environment for your pet to enjoy the company of other dogs.

Energy Release

Games of tug and chase with the playgroup and human staff help to release pent-up energy. You get a tired puppy at the end of the day!


Hanging around with other balanced and well behaved dogs can be a wonderful for your dog's social development.  You get a more confident and well-adjusted dog.

Intellectual Stimulation

The scents, games and interaction with other people and dogs can really help exercise your dog's brain. You get a happy dog at the end of the day.