Pawz for the Day

Run with the Pack!

It is all about the enrichment of your dog! 

At Pawz for the day we get to know you and your dog so we can provide the best possible pack experience

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Frequently asked Questions

What are the entrance requirements?:

There are just a few! Specific requirements they can be found in the Enrollment package found on the Reservations Page

What is the Staff to Dog ratio?:

Our staff to dog ratio is one staff member to 12 dogs.  We adhere to the industry standards of 75-100 sq. feet per large dog or 50 sq. feet per small dog.

Who is my dog playing with?:

Dogs are separated first by size and then by play style.  Toys may or may not be allowed, it depends on the play style and temperament of the dogs in the pack group.

What if my dog is injured or gets sick?

If this occurs, you will be notified immediately.  If required, your dog will receive treatment from our veterinarian of choice.  If the problem does not require immediate attention, you will be notified upon pickup so you can seek medical attention with your own vet.

What about dog to dog disagreements?

Our behavior screening process helps to minimize issues between the dogs in the pack group.  However some scrapes and and scratches can occur in the course of regular dog play.

How often is the facility cleaned?

The facility is spot cleaned immediately as required and is cleaned and disinfected nightly.

How do you handled unwanted behavior?

If dominate,rough play or other unwanted behavior is exhibited, we will use positive reinforcement to encourage the behavior we would like to see.  If we feel that we can not work with the dog to resolve the issue the dog will be separated from the rest of the pack and you will be notified.


Watch a brief Video about Pawz for the Day and meet some of our guests!

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