Pawz for the Day

Run with the Pack!

It is all about the enrichment of your dog! 

At Pawz for the day we get to know you and your dog so we can provide the best possible pack experience

Reservations are appreciated ahead of time




GSROC group training class

GSROC group training class

John Swenerton is the Pack Leader at Pawz for the Day. John is also a trainer and has been handling and training rescue dogs for over 10 years.


German Shepherd Rescue Orange County 2000 to Present


Pawz for the Day 2015 to Present

  • Volunteer

  • Trainer

  • Group obedience trainer



Casey is the other Pack Leader at Pawz for the Day. Casey has been caring for the dogs here for over two years. As you can see, the dogs love him. Casey also helps out in the GSROC group training classes.